Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.

Summer is here! A gorgeous camping trip to Banff, AB.  with @karbuthnot24 and @matdowling, few days spent in the woods, nothing but smiles here!ImageImage

Amazing mountain biking through the gorgeous landscape, rolling terrain, perfect berms, technical features, rock gardens galore. Check out the pano view of Lake Minnewanka. Sweet eh?


Stopping in at Canmore on the way home to fit some more riding in, at the world renowned Nordic Centre, riding EKG Loop, a lung busting, leg jello-ing challenge that leaves you satisfied, but still wanting more.


After such a trekking, a refuel is needed. Being the pizza aficionado I am, I executed Ms. Arbuthnot’s recommendation of Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. in downtown Canmore.

Cute little place, and eating alone I expected to be served quickly. I wasn’t in a hurry though, as the sun was shining and the day was perfect. Nice view outside!


Needed a little liquid libation, and opted for a Grizzly Paw Grumpy Bear ($4.75), a local brewery favorite.


Paired nicely with the daily special, a pizza adorned with yellow onion, roasted red peppers, dried apricots, smoked garlic, moroccan spiced lamb sausage, baby spinach and fresh thyme ($12).

First criticism will always be the crust. I enjoy a light, crispy crust, but strong enough to pass the tip-sag-test, akin to the NYC style pies.Image

Well, crust is a bit stale, not in the nice chewy, heavily developed gluten that I like, either. If they were aiming for a true flat bread, they certainly nailed it. A bit bland however.

The toppings did deliver, though, with the fresh ingredients being the real star of this show. Nicely balanced herbage, not over crowded, visually appealing. Image

Would I come back? Sure. But I wouldn’t make a trip of it. Wait time was especially long, given a table of 1, and no lunch rush. Beer was nice, and I am always glad to see local establishments promoting other local offerings, and sustainability of local organic produce. Free Wi-Fi is a plus, and friendly staff, and clean facilities cajole me to rate this establishment:

Grade: B-

Check em out!

838 – 10th St.

Canmore, AB

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twitter: @flatbreadCo

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One thought on “Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.

  1. Rob says:

    I went to Rocky Mountain Flatbread Canmore and it was Awful. The Manager is a real Jerk he is also the owner and I seen him treat a Customer very Poorly You may even call him a bully. Thanks for your review but based on what I seen there I would give Rocky Mountain Flatbread Canmore and F- and stay away.

    Cheers mate.

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